S/2020 S 4

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S/2020 S 4 is ∼2¼ kilometers in size and might thus be the smallest known Irregular moon of Saturn. Its discovery has been announced in May 2023 joint with sixty-one other outer Saturnian moons. Its mean distance to Saturn is ∼18 million kilometers, with one revolution around the planet on a prograde orbit requiring 2 years and 6 months. This moon is a member of the Inuit group and might be a collisional remnant of Siarnaq which shares similar orbital elements.

This object has not been named yet. We made no attempt to observe it with Cassini because it was unknown at the time Cassini was active. Note that the orbital elements in the MPEC announcement are current values, not mean elements (time-averaged over a few thousand years) as given for the pre-2023 announced objects.

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