Farbauti (S/2004 S 9)

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Farbauti is ∼4 kilometers in size and thus among the smallest known irregular moons of Saturn. It has been discovered in 2004 joint with eleven other outer moons. Farbauti’s mean distance to Saturn is ∼20½ million kilometers, with one revolution around the planet on a retrograde orbit requiring almost exactly 3 years.
Since Farbauti’s ephemeris (position in the sky) is not accurately known, we never made an attempt to observe it with Cassini. During the second part of the mission (Cassini Solstice Mission), Farbauti was also too dark for the Cassini camera to obtain images useful for lightcurves.

This page is intended to compile (much of) our knowledge of Farbauti in compact form, including general information like discovery circumstances and orbital and physical parameters. For further reading on irregular moons of Saturn in general, see the reference list at my outer-Saturnian moons page.

This website is still under development and will get additional content (like orbital and physical parameters) in the near future. I will remove this note when the page will be close to completion.

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